Accenture Saudi Arabia (Joint Venture)

Accenture Saudi is a leading supplier of IT & management service to some of the largest government, semi-government and private sector entities in Saudi Arabia. The business was founded in 2011 through the acquisition by Accenture of AFG IT Services operations.

Mezzan Food Saudi Arabia (Joint Venture)

AlMezzan Group is one of the Middle East largest producers of packaged foods. Mezzan Food Saudi Arabia was founded in 2016 through the part-acquisition of AFG Al Safi Food Company. Operations include state-of the art production facilities in Kharj, southwest of Riyadh.

 Mahara HR (Joint Venture)

Mahara HR is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading manpower services company, sourcing and supplying specialist staff to companies operating in the Financial Services, IT, Health Care and Retail industries across KSA and the GCC. AFG acquired a significant stake in Mahara in 2016.