Al Faisaliah Group is a trusted partner to leading international companies seeking to do business in the complex markets of the Middle East. Combining our local know-how, infrastructure, and relationships with our partners’ technical competence, products, services and business models, has proven a recipe for shared business success. Over the past 40 years, AFG has worked closely with investment partners to develop substantial markets in the region. We operate in 9 countries across the middle east region.

The Group’s home country, Saudi Arabia, is the largest economy in the Arab world and the natural base from which to serve the Middle East region. Furthermore, under Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, attractive new opportunities are arising for investors seeking to operate in this rapidly-modernizing economy. The Al Faisaliah Group selectively seeks new relationships with successful international companies operating in our core sectors.

Partnerships & Investment: Case Studies

Accenture invested in Saudi Arabia with Al Faisaliah, acquiring a majority share of Al Faisaliah organically-developed IT Services business, Faisaliah Business & Technology Consulting Company (FBTC). Now called Accenture Arabia, the business is the leading technology consultancy to government, SOEs and private sector entities across Saudi Arabia. AFG adds value to Accenture through its network of relationships in major organizations, and its support to nationalizing the Accenture Arabia workforce.

Danone invested in Saudi Arabia with Al Faisaliah, acquiring a 51% share in AFG dairy business, Al Safi Dairy Company. As a jointly-owned company, Al Safi Danone (ASD), is the #2/3 player in Saudi Arabia’s $5b yearly dairy industry. AFG adds value to Danone by providing a production and distribution platform for Danone’s range of high-margin dairy products.

Philips invested in Saudi Arabia with Al Faisaliah, establishing a JV, with Philips Healthcare. The business is a leading supplier of high-technology medical equipment to public and private healthcare providers across Saudi Arabia. AFG adds value to Philips by bundling other vendors’ medical products with those of Philips to offer the end-to-end, turnkey solutions sought by largest customers.

Sony has invested in Saudi Arabia with Al Faisaliah since 1970. As a non-equity partnership, AFG and Sony have made Saudi Arabia one of Sony’s most important global markets – in particular for PlayStation, where Saudi Arabia has the highest market share in the world. AFG adds value to Sony through its superior understanding of the Saudi consumer, and delivering a range of on-the-ground services that maximize hardware sales.

Maharah aims to provide the labor market with cadres and workers in various professions (medicine and nursing - technology and architecture – occupational and non-occupational – domestic helpers and others) to meet the market demand by emphasizing on training and developing its team to provide better services to its clients. Furthermore, Maharah focuses on offering creative and innovative solutions to Human Resource Departments in different sectors and companies.