Tibbiyah Holding

Tibbiyah Holding is a wholly-owned Al Faisaliah company and represents the Group interests in the Healthcare sector: Al Faisaliah Medical Systems, International Medical Supplies, and Philips Saudi Arabia.

Al Faisaliah Medical Systems (FMS)

FMS was founded in 1973 as the healthcare-focused division of Al Faisaliah Group’s healthcare business. In 1993, FMS was established as an independent company, It manages a broad portfolio of partners and products, allowing it to deliver complex, integrated, single-source healthcare equipment solutions to the largest healthcare providers in the region.  


Premma supplies a broad portfolio of medical devices, consumables and implants to healthcare authorities, hospitals and clinics. The Premma portfolio serves a wide range of clinical disciplines, with multiple distribution points across the region, a highly-responsive supply chain and more than 130 staff.

Philips Saudi Arabia (Joint Venture)

FMS Company has been the exclusive distributor of Philips Health Care products since 2013 when AFG established a JV in Saudi Arabia with Royal Philips BV of the Netherlands. The new company is one of the largest suppliers of advanced medical equipment to Saudi Arabia’s rapidly-growing healthcare sector.