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1970 The Al Faisaliah Group (AFG) was founded in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
1971 Al Faisaliah enterred into an alliance with Sony Corporation for Consumer Electronics distribution in Saudi Arabia through a newly formed company, Modern Electronics Company.
1973 Al Faisaliah established a professional Healthcare and Computer Systems business in partnership with Hewlett Packard.
1978 Al Faisaliah began construction of 6,000 cow dairy farm in Kharj, southwest of Riyadh, under a new company, Al Safi Dairy.
1980 Al Faisaliah entered the specialty chemical sector to support the fast-growing oil & gas industry in Saudi Arabia.
1993 Al Faisaliah established a stand-alone medical equipment supply business, Al Faisaliah Medical Systems (FMS) to support the nation’s investment in Healthcare.
1997 Al Safi Diary is recognized by the Guinness World Record organization for the world’s largest Integrated dairy farm.
2002 Al Safi Dairy entered into a Joint Venture with Danone Group, creating Al-Safi Danone company.
2003 Al Faisaliah entered the Food service industry with the acquisition of the Steak House restaurant chain, under a new company ALFA Food service
2006 Al Faisaliah established an IT Services company, FBTC, specialized in SAP implementation and support.
2007 Al Faisaliah was converted into a Joint Stock Company.
2010 ALFA launched the casual dining brand Piatto – to become the nation’s largest Italian dining concept.
2010 Al Faisaliah Medical Systems expanded its operations to include Jordan, UAE and Bahrain.
2011 Al Faisaliah formed a Joint Venture with Accenture incorporating It’s 100% Owned FBTC.
2011 Al Faisaliah extended its exclusive relationship with Sony to cover Iraq.
2012 Al Faisaliah, in partnership with Danone, began construction of a dairy processing plant in Iraq.
2013 FMS entered into a Joint Venture with Philips Health care to serve the Saudi Arabian market