Our Values

With Al Faisaliah Group (AFG), you experience a change of culture. Being an open-minded, transparent and socially responsible organization, AFG strives to attract and retain the best human resource, providing an environment where every employee can build a rewarding career. If you share our passion and are geared up to contribute your very best, AFG gives you a reason to excel.

Our Requirement

Being a career-driven institute, AFG promotes a healthy and cultured work environment for an air of perfection and excellence in whatever you do. Having said that, our cultural diversity and friendly work environment is a strategic benchmark that values the uniqueness of each individual. AFG Drives your success path to a phenomenal growth and performance

AFG is on search for candidates displaying outstanding abilities and carrying an in-depth work experience, particularly those who have the drive, confidence and commitment to grow. You will be working alongside some of the best people in the industry, applying cutting-edge technologies, and relishing the challenge of contributing to a high performance organization. Your passionate approach and refined dynamics predominantly reflect our diversified culture and values. So get in and shine brightly.