Consistent with its strong values and high standards of behaviour, Al Faisaliah Group seeks to always be a responsible corporate citizen. The Group makes substantial efforts to contribute to the communities in which it operates.

Some examples of the Group’s social responsibility activities include:

job_icon Job Creation
The Group has a high level of Saudization compared to its peers. Virtually all businesses are rated by the Ministry of Labour as Nitiqat ‘Green’ or ‘Platinum’. We operate a range of programs to attract, develop and retain young Saudis, in roles as diverse as medical technicians, restaurant assistant managers and junior accounts. AFG recognizes and acts on the responsibility of the private sector to help build a skilled, motivated workforce in support of a knowledge-based economy for Saudi Arabia.
Community Service
As a major employer in the city of Kharj, through Al Safi Dairy and Al Safi Danone, the Group sought to give something back to the community. Working with the Groups Healthcare business, Al Faisaliah fully-equipped a municipal health clinic with a range of medical equipment and supplies.
Every year Modern Electronics Company and its partner Sony run a competition – “The Sony Creative Science Awards”. The competition requires participants to build a scientific project that reflects at least one scientific principle, such as gears, gravity, magnetism, buoyancy among others. It targets intermediate school students — boys and girls — aged between 9 and 15 years old. Several thousand students participate every year with the winners taking home prizes up to SR10,000. The Awards serve to encourage innovation, awaken creativity and develop invention skills among young students as well as to make scientific education more fun.
environment_icon Environmental

Recognizing the imperative of energy and water conservation in Saudi Arabia, Al Faisaliah invests to minimize its consumption of these precious resources. Some examples:

  • Al Safi Diary has installed a sophisticated water conservation solution in the sheds housing its dairy cattle. Intake water use is minimized while used water is recovered, purified and reused. While agriculture is inevitably a water intensive business, Al Faisaliah invests to reduce its water consumption.
  • Al Safi Dairy converts cattle manure to organic compost for use by farmers and municipalities across the region. As a result, the farm’s CO2 emissions are reduced while a valuable by-product is created for the benefit of customers and Al Safi.
  • Al Safi is also moving its forage growing operations from KSA to geographies where water is plentiful, greatly reducing the company’s demand of Saudi Arabia’s finite water resources.