Abdulaziz Al KadiAbdulaziz Al Kadi
Head of Talents, Leadership Development & Recruitment, Joined the Group in 2011.

“What I like best about Al Faisaliah is that it has given me exposure to many different functions that I wouldn’t have been exposed to if I worked in another place. What I think is imperative for a successful career at Al Faisaliah is that you have a passion for what you do. AFG asks a lot of its people and you have to work long hours under pressure. I think you really have to have a passion for it. We see things differently here “We believe that success of recruitment comes from alignment of values and needs not filling gaps”. I have always wanted to be part of a place to inspire and be inspired and yes, here I’ve got it!”

Salman Al HajjarSalman Al Hajjar
General Manager, Al Safi Foods Company. Joined the Group in 2001 as Brand Manager.

“I joined the Al Faisaliah Group in 2001 and I have grown and developed my professional and leadership skills through a variety of opportunities since then. I started at AlSafi Danone in the Marketing Department as Brand Manager, Group Brands Manager and Marketing Manager. I continued my career growth through AFG with a position on AlSafi Holding as Foods Business Development Director. I then assumed my current position as General Manager of AlSafi Foods Company.

It is an excellent opportunity to be part of the creation of a new start-up company while aiming to define and implement effective and efficient business models. Working in the food industry where the advancement in marketing and innovation is competitive, makes my work very interesting and challenging. Based on my experience, there are a lot of personal development and career path opportunities at AFG.

Al Faisaliah is a great place if you like working where there a variety of opportunities, activities and energy, and where you can grow professionally in ways you never thought possible. AFG creates a dynamic environment to encourage everyone to learn and develop their skills. I really appreciate the company’s core values, which include mutual trust and respect. These values are put into practice every day and demonstrate how different it is here compared to other companies.”

Ahmed KhattabAhmed Khattab
Director of Compliance & Business Excellence, Tibbiya Holding Company. Joined the Group in 1994 as Customer Support Engineer, Medical Department, Modern Electronics Company.

“During my 19 years at different business units within Al-Faisaliah Group, operating in some of the most dynamic markets in the Kingdom, I encountered several business challenges. Successfully overcoming these challenges developed me professionally, deepened my skills, gave me the satisfaction I’m looking for and turned to be rewarding opportunities. The high ethics, integrity and respect shown by Al-Faisaliah leadership create a unique working environment hard to find somewhere else.”

Salem AyedSalem Ayed
IT Services Manager, AFG. Joined the Group in 2002 as a HR Systems Developer.

First Seven years of my services at Al Faisaliah I worked as a project team member at AL Faisaliah for business and Technology company (FBTC), my role was delivering SAP solutions to AL Faisaliah clients; working in project base business gave me the chance to serve so many customers and spending quit good time in each; Frankly speaking I would say I was able to read in people eyes how they are looking to Al Faisaliah name as a lead in market and that was making me proud to the point of excitement of being Al Faisaliah employee, and every time I closed a project and seeing how other organizations are managing their people I was convinced more about Al Faisaliah as a right choice to serve.

My believes about a healthy organization it is all about work environment including vision, people, support and management, and I believe if Al Faisaliah is not the ultimate choice for committed people to empower their careers, it would be one of the best choices in the region.”

Sarah Al Salem

Performance Manager, ALFA Food Service. Joined the Group in 2009.

“As an Al Faisaliah employee and a Saudi lady I have been exposed a lot in this business and been given a lot of chances that allowed me to grow in a healthy way: to learn the business, to learn from the best leaders, to be able to practice and express ideas to all levels no matter what title I was holding. There was no limitation for my dreams to become reality. Support and kindness and of course the family spirit among all employees that makes you feel like you’re at home. Add to that the dream of being the first is a matter of choice in this company . . . I’m so proud to hold the name.”

Almoatazbellaah Al Sagri
Financial Analyst, AFG Holding. Joined the Group in 2011 as a Performance Analyst.

“For me, AFG is the best place to work – not because of the vast and diversified exposure one attains, nor is it due to working alongside the best-in-class professionals, not to mention the excellent career development and competitive compensation, in addition to the world-class working environment. Undoubtedly, these things matter but what makes AFG special is the CULTURE.

A high performance culture, where you are challenged to constantly better yourself to reach new heights, a culture that is united in its practice of integrity where your differentiator is not who you are but rather what you can ACHIEVE & CONTRIBUTE! It’s a sound corporate culture underpinned by commitment to excellence, consummate professionalism and the maintenance of the highest ethical standards.

I could go on but to put it bluntly, for me AFG is a second home that I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy working for every day and I know of few people to be as lucky as I am in that regard!”