Our Rewards

An advanced, modern and transparent compensation system has been placed and structured across the Business Units of Al Faisaliah Group (AFG). The system applies competitive rates of pay and performance-oriented compensation that is accompanied by defined allowances and benefits. Aiming to develop and promote a working culture that allows our employees to achieve a healthy work and life balance, here are the benefits:

    • Healthcare Plan:
      A comprehensive Group Medical Insurance Plan is in place for employees and eligible family members, covering the maximum aspects of medical treatment. The plan is exclusively designed to provide you and your family members with an extensive coverage and protection against major medical expenses.
    • Variable Pay:
      A full range of short-term benefits are provided to eligible employees based on their outstanding performances. This also motivates employees in achieving respective goals and objectives on time.
    • Vacation and Holidays:
      Everyone needs a break to rest and relax with family and friends. Our vacation dynamics are designed in such a way that it benefits each and every employee with perfect balance.
    • AFG Recognition Awards:
      A comprehensive recognition system is in place within the Group and Business Units to recognize exceptional display of performance and team work through periodic awards.